Empire Auto Transportation is one of the most well-known well-known truck shipping company in Central New York. With over 10 years of experience and a powerful team, we’ve already helped thousands of customers move their trucks all across the United States. Our truck shipping service covers over 50 states, offering our customers an outstanding car shipping experience.

No matter the type of type of truck, our company will deal with any kind of work. We’ll do our best to ensure smooth shipping to your destination. We’ll work hard to transport it
quickly, safely and without any problem. Your truck will be shipped to its destination in a timely manner. Our truck shipping transport is well-equipped with all the necessary tools, as well as trailers to provide you with unforgettable truck shipping experience. We do our best to become your favorite full-fledged heavy truck transport company.
The weight of the truck, as well as its size, is one of the first key factors that impact the cost of truck shipping. This is because every truck requires a special approach as well as trailer to be shipped.

In addition, there is a big difference in shipping a simple pickup and a large sweeper truck because of their big difference in size and weight as well. The price for transporting the pickup will be less than the price for transporting the sweeper.